Your Guide to Gerberas Delivery in Melbourne

Bouquet of Mixed Gerberas delivered in MelbourneIf you’re already familiar with our flower delivery service, you probably have noticed that we’re a big fan of gerberas. They go very will with lilies and so many other types of flowers, and they come in different colors, that’s why we like to include them in bouquets and floral arrangements for almost any occasion, from birthdays, celebrations and up to romance flowers and new baby gifts.

Here are a few things you should now about gerberas, that will help you pick the right arrangement for you, but also help you get good looking and fresh cut gerberas for when you want to go creative and make a bouquet on your own.

1. Unlike other flowers, when it comes to gerberas we advise you to look for flowers that are fully open. Once picked, gerberas won’t open any further… so don’t pick the buds, thinking that you will make your arrangement last longer. Usually harvest is done when the outer florets in the centre of the flower are open and begin to collect pollen.

2. Next thing to keep in mind, especially during transportation, is that gerberas are very fragile flowers and therefore very prone to physical damage. Avoid flowers with missing petals or bruises because such irregularities may ruin your whole bouquet in the long run.

3. Flowers love fresh water, gerberas strive for it! They are very sensitive to unhygienic conditions, so we advise you to keep them in clean vase, and regularly change the water!

4. When you receive a gerbera delivery from someone else, naturally you want to enjoy the charm of these flowers for as long as possible. After the courier passes them to you, make sure to cut 2 cm off the stem and then place them in water. If you ever have to move gerberas around, try to keep them permanently in fresh water. If the stems stay dry for longer than 15 minutes cut the stems once more. That way, even if the bouquet ends up a little shorter, it will stay fresh for much longer.

5. Preservative is essential. If you have some around your house, your gerberas will certainly enjoy it, and as a result they will fill your room with color long after you received them.

Want to have fresh yet cheap gerberas delivered to Melbourne? We’re open from Monday to Friday, and you can place your online order anytime. Check our bouquets of gerberas and pick the one you like the most!

The Melbournian’s Cheap Mother’s Day Flowers and Gift Guide

For every one of us there was a great mother that led us into the world, taught us about life, guided us through our first experiences, and all of this with unconditional love. Mum is always for you there, for better or worse. For over 2 years, has been delivering flowers and gifts to Melbourne, Australia, brightening the day for mums across the whole city. You may be a few blocks away from her or on the other side of the planet, no matter the distance, show her that she’s in your thoughts, and brighten up her day with a surprise flower delivery!

10 red colored tulips in a vaseBut what to pick for her? Should you go for roses, or perhaps some freshly picked tulips? Our florists have come up with a special offer of cheap flowers for Mother’s Day, available for delivery to all suburbs in Melbourne. All of these will be wrapped together on the day of the delivery, so that they will make it to your mother while they are still fresh! You won’t have to worry about a thing, our couriers will handle all flowers with great care, assuring that your mother will have a wonderful surprise! Here are some gifts to chose from:

First step: the flowers

If you don’t know yet what her favorite flowers are, then it’s high time you found out! Our first idea is that you go for tulips, they’re currently in season, which means it’s about the only time of the year to have them around! Tulips symbolize true love, royalty, and sunshine, making them one of the best choices for Mother’s Day!  To lighten up her day, we think you should go for a dozen of colored tulips! If your mother likes tulips in stripes, get her this bouquet of 10 colored tulips. Our courier will get the flowers delivered in a vase, keeping them fresh and watered all the time!

Fun flower bouquet MelbourneBut besides tulips, we have plenty of other bouquets to chose from! Our next idea is to go for the color white! It can be roses, orchids, alstromeria or lilies, white symbolizes purity and clarity, making it a top choice for Mother’s Day. We have various arrangements you can chose from, at just $42.50 you can get the premium orchid bunch, a flower that also stands for rare and delicate beauty. And at $63 we will send your mum a joyful arrangement of colored alstromerias and greenery, all neatly designed by our florist to fit into this lovely bouquet!

Second step: the gifts

Sometimes a little surprise gift is all you need to add, to make your surprise Mother’s Day flower delivery really special! To get your message out, go for a Mother’s Day balloon filled with helium. It will be delivered as a gift, attached to the selected flowers.

Third step: add a FREE gift card

Make this delivery even more personal, and add a free gift card to your order, let us know your message to her, and we’ll have it written down word by word!

Finally, as soon as you have chosen all appropriate gifts from our Mother’s Day gift section, please make sure to place your order a few days in advance, and everything else will be taken care of by our team! You will receive status updates along the way, thus, knowing exactly when mum gets surprised by your gifts!

Hurry up! The 10th of May is just a few weeks away!

How to maintain your flowers fresh and joyful

Tulips - flowers in bud form MelbourneWe bet it was more than once that you got upset when you had to throw away those gorgeous flowers after only two days from receiving it. Flowers are extremely sensitive, and treated improperly they may leave your house just as fast as they got in. Even though they say that there are no flowers alike, there are, still, some methods of preventing the early death of your flowers. Here are some special tips from our Melbourne florists!

After one day from receiving the bouquet, change the water and cut an inch from the flowers’ stem. If included, add the second flower food pocket to the water. If not included, you should easily find it at any flower shop. Make sure to change the water every day from now, and in a few days do not forget to cut another half an inch from the stem of your flowers. Another good advice would be not to put your flowers in direct sunlight, heat and drafts. Moreover, even if it may seem innovative, do not place your floral arrangement on top of your T.V. The heat that emerging from any electronics will cause flowers to wilt, and we don’t want that!

If the arrangement comes with flowers that are still in a bud form, do not jumps to any conclusion, such as they are of poor quality. In fact, your florist might just have put the freshest flowers he had available! Flowers in bud form will beautifully bloom just in a day or two, depending on environment, heat, flower type.  An arrangement of buds willl therefore last even longer.

Finally, here’s a rather unconventional flower caring idea. You may have heard about putting an aspirin in the water, and that it will make your flowers last longer because of the acidity. It is true that it makes the water more acid but it won’t help your flowers at all. What actually works is pouring half a tablespoon of sugar into the water if your arrangement is made of roses.

Why do I have to cut the stem?

The flower stem is filled with cells that work like a bundle of soda straws. As long as the bottom of the straws are submerged, you can draw water up through them. But pull the straws out of the glass while sucking on them and all you get is air.

Flowers do the same thing. Their demand for water is continuous, even when they’re cut away from the mother plant. The difference is that cells in the stem have tiny screens that allow water to pass, but not air. So, when the flower stem is cut, a small air bubble forms at the end of the stem and is trapped. This acts like a barrier and prevents more water from getting up the stem, even if you replace the water.

What is flower food?

Biocides are chemicals that kill the bacteria, yeasts and fungi that feed on the sap that seeps from the cut flower stem. It’s an amazing sequence of events: You cut a rose stem and place it in a vase of water. Bacteria start to grow, and within 3 hours, there are 30 million bacteria in the vase! These bacteria plug the tiny straw-tubes that conduct water to the flower. As a result, buds fail to open, necks weaken and bend, and leaves wilt. The acid helps water move up the stem more easily and the sugar acts as a flower food.

Now that you know everything about how to keep flowers fresh and happy, visit our online shop at
, pick what you like most and order the flowers to Melbourne. Starting with the 2th March we’ll be back from holidays, our fast flower delivery service will be up and running from Monday to Friday.

Essential oils from flowers and how you can use them

To begin with, essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants. They are used in various fields such as therapy, medicine or cuisine. Today we’ll discuss how you can extract the oils from these plants, the most common being distillation. Many people have tried distillation on their own and that`s why we have chosen to write a short “How to” guide.

Step 1: You need a still. You can try building it, since a brand new one costs around a couple hundred dollars. However, you are very likely to bump into complications if you are not mechanically inclined. Therefore, buying one would represent the best alternative for you.

Step 2: Dry the flowers. Even though drying reduces the amount of oil in each plant, it increases your yield/batch. The drying process should take place slowly and not in direct sunlight! Drying in a dark room reduces the oil lost and distillates your flowers as quick as possible.

Step 3: Add water in the still, then pack your plants and put them in the still. Do not chop your flowers since it can result into losing some more of the oil. You can now close the still and boil the water. The plants will release the oil after the water has started boiling.

Step 4: You are almost done! All you need to do now is to filter the oil through a cotton fabric. Once you are done everything else you have to do is to pour the oil into a nice container and you are done.

The use of essential oils in therapy

Aromatherapy has become more and more popular through the years due to its incredible effects on mind and body at the same time. It’s uses include massage oils, bathing oils and many more. Some of the effects of these essential oils are: chamomile-anti allergic, carnation, lavender- antidepressant, black pepper, jasmine, ylang-ylang- aphrodisiac, peppermint, lemon- digestive ,grapefruit- energising, cypress- anti hangover, eucalyptus – for headaches, rose, violet- laxative, sandalwood – menopause, basil- muscle pains, chamomile- sunburn, orange and nutmeg- tonic.

Fruit basket delivery Melbourne fast

Essential oils can also be used as an additional ingredient for organic, home-made soaps. All you need to do is to add the oil at the end of the process, in order for it not to evaporate, since essential oils are highly volatile. For example, you can chose not to filter the oil during the distillation process of orchids. In addition to the out-of-this-world scent you will get a mesmerising soap.

Some essential oils that are frequently found in everyday recipes are lemon, orange, nutmeg, black pepper, peppermint, ginger, tangerine, cinnamon bark… you see, just like our flower deliveries, this hobby is in the affordable price range.  Why are essential oils better than vegetable ones? First of all and most important of all, vegetable oils are 100% fat, while essential oils contain no fat. So go on with this experiment, we’ve had a lot of fun doing it. And while you’re at it, knock yourself out with a basket of fresh fruits, we’ll have it delivered together with flowers straight to your address in Melbourne.

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Our florists are ready to take your orders.

Valentine's Day flowers and baloons MelbourneThis year we’re up for another exciting day of love and romance, where our entire team will be dedicated to arrange and deliver fresh Valentine’s Day flowers all across Melbourne. Finding the right gift for your loved one is an easy thing to do, when you have so many bouquets to chose from! Visit our Valentine’s Day gift section to browse through our complete offer, take your time, cause there are plenty of things to consider. For example:

1. Does she like red or should you go for something less mainstream? Starting at just $36 you can surprise her with a very special red rose in a box or, if you like to go for a different colour, have a look at our mixed bouquets of roses, available at $84.

2. Don’t stick to the classic flower gift, cheer up the atmosphere with one or even more colourful balloons. We have them in different colours and with all kinds of sweet messages, such as: hugs and kisses, I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day and many more.

3. A gift card always adds some magic, especially when if it comes with a sweet message. With every bouquet you order for Valentine’s Day, we offer you a free gift card with your personal message on it.

4. Order in time for Valentine’s Day! If you want your order to be delivered on 14th February we kindly ask you to place your order before 10th February. Due to the high volume of orders, we won’t be able to guarantee on time delivery for orders on short notice.

Other than that, all stays the same. The standard fee for flower deliveries in Melbourne stays at $10.00 (except for a few suburbs where the costs increase). Same day delivery is possible on all other working days, for orders placed before 12PM. Our Melbourne florists are here to take your orders and answer any further questions.That being said, we wish you a great year ahead, starting off with a well planned romantic Valentine’s Day!

Sending Gerbera Daisies to Melbourne – when do you offer them?

We continue our foray into the world of flowers by focusing this time on gerberas. These flowers, so popular all around the world, are as spectacular as they are varied, in what color and proportions are concerned. A gerbera bouquet is not only a classic present but also a perfect choice if you are under the impression that roses would be too pretentious or even too banal.

In case you receive a gerbera bouquet, you should know how to elongate his life. Gerberas love the light, that`s why it would be perfect if you could find a place for them right in the light of the sunbeams. The temperature that best suits them is somewhere between 16 and 25 Celsius degrees.

So when is it a suitable time for these classic flowers?

New baby and “get well soon” flowers

Since they are not that strongly-scented, gerbera daisies would be the perfect choice when it comes to taking flowers to the hospital. Not to mention the burst of energy and happiness they would bring to the person that has to spend those awful days in a place full of germs.

Wedding flowers

If you are the “I don`t want to make such a big deal out of this” kind of bride, then gerbera daisies should be the flowers in your bouquet.  They are classic and elegant but they also send a firm message. For example, an arrangement of red gerberas would be the perfect color spot on your white wedding dress.

Funeral flowers

It is a sad moment in everyone`s life when someone dear passes away. No one wants to talk about this sensitive subject, but yet, inevitably, it happens all the time. A bouquet of white gerberas is the perfect way to express your sincere condolences.

In case this article has convinced you, there are plenty of gerbera daisies arrangements waiting for you to admire them on Florist Melb. Moreover, we deliver gerberas to all suburbs in Melbourne!

Send flowers to Melbourne from UK, USA and any plance in the world

Box of pink lilies delivered to MelbourneDo you feel like there is a way-too-long distance between you? Cut it short! Is it your best friend’s, whom you haven’t spoken in a while though, birthday, mother’s day, a former classmate just had a baby and you are thousands of miles away? We have the solution for you! What says “I really wish I was there, just by your side” better than a flower bouquet nicely arranged by our team of professional florists!

UK, USA, Canada, India, Denmark or whatever your place of residence is, now offers you the chance to send flowers to your loved ones in Melbourne at any given time (except Sundays and Public Holidays). Moreover, the beautiful and fresh flower arrangement can be accompanied by a suggestive gift card and as another plus, the site offers the possibility to choose your own and personalized message to be written on the card. The cost of a delivery in Melbourne starts at 9,99$, but extra fees can be charged for various suburbs. For orders placed before 12 a.m. AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time), the flower delivery would take place the same day. In what Saturdays are concerned, the orders must be placed before 10 a.m. AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). There is, though, a special schedule for Mother`s Day and Valentine`s Day. For example, for Valentine`s Day, orders must be placed until 10th February, due to an increased number of orders. For any suggestions and further information do not hesitate to visit us at

Flowers and flower arrangements for a very special spring

After the last week’s spring gardening tips we wanted to keep our focus on everything that has to do with this wonderful season – where all plants in Melbourne begin to bloom and all neighborhoods catch a shade of light, fresh green.

Spring is the season of flowers and there is no way to argue this. Wherever you go, there are these beautiful little bouquets of happiness that are made to enchant your soul. Having flowers all around your house is definitely a MUST during spring. Also, any visit you pay is no visit if you show up at someone`s door without some flowers.

The obvious choices would be, of course, hyacinths, tulips, freesias, petunias, lilies of the valley and all those gorgeous flowers blooming everywhere. You can choose to follow this trend or you can get out of the ordinary by choosing calla lilies, iris or even orchids for a more “wow” effect.


Probably the most common species of flowers in the spring, they are shining and daring.  Also known by the misleading name of “Dutch bulbs”, they are not, however, natives of the Netherlands, but Turkey.  Hyacinths are strongly scented spring flowers. There is a multitude of varieties of hyacinths out there and in what color is concerned you can find them in purple, blue, white, pink or yellow, perfect to suit any mood you are in.

Lilies of the valleyLilies of the valley

Even though they are not as precious as roses, lilies of the valley are a sign of elegance and have a special symbolism that recommends them. Despite their delicate and fragile appearance, lilies of the valley have always been a sign of strength and resistance. They are meant to send an encouraging message to those they are offered to.


Their history goes back to Ancient Greece when Iris, personal servant of goddess Hera, has personified the rainbow, setting the connection between the earth and the sky. They say that these beautiful flowers have been planted on women`s graves in order for Iris to guide their path to the world of immortals. The three horizontal petals are a symbol of faith, courage and wisdom. Yellow iris is known as a sign of passion. Moreover, irises can also be offered to express admiration.

Calla lilies

In the Occident, calla lilies are considered to be royal flowers, slowly turning into a sign of class, elegance and femininity. According to their colors, callas get a specific significance. Therefore, if a man offers a white calla, he offers it as a sign for purity and sensitivity, while a yellow calla is a flower for a proud and haughty woman. Bordeaux calla lilies are the sign for magnificent beauty.

Now that you have found the meaning of the most astonishing spring flowers, it is up to you to decide whether you’ll combine them or not. In any case, our flower shop at you will definitely find whatever suits you, no matter the budget.

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Spring gardening tips from your local florist in Melbourne

We can bet that there is no person out there who cannot empathize with our feelings in the spring. That moment when you can actually see everything out there reviving is simply priceless. There is nothing more fulfilling than to sit in the middle of your fresh garden, with a good book in one hand and a large cup of tea in the other. But what flowers should you plant and how do you take care of them after they have grown? No worries, we are here to help.

Five flowers to embellish your garden

1. Prunus Bilreana –Cherry – in Japanese culture, this flower is often associated with beauty, love, affection, tenderness, ephemerality, but also warmth and energy.
2. Granny’s bonnet (Aquilegia McKana Hybrid) – a superior strain developed for its very large, 7 to 8 cm (3in) flowers with long graceful spurs. This exciting group of hybrid aquilegia can be found in a very wide colour range, including combinations of white, pink, blue, yellow, pink, pale-blue, purple and scarlet, with crisp coloured outer petals, and cream/white coloured inner petals. Perfect for cottage/informal gardens, borders and shaded gardens.
3. Wisteria – the pendulous purple blooms of wisteria scent the air in spring. It’s good to give them a hard prune once they’ve finished flowering in summer. They’re also available in white, pink, double mauve and mauve and white varieties.
Pink purle red azaleas4. Azaleas – these are one of the most loved species for decoration. They bloom during winter and spring and their flowers are extremely attractive, since they come in shades of red,white, violet and pink.
5. Daffodils – Daffodils are perennial flowering plants which grow from bulbs. They produce stems which range from 4 inches tall in the miniature varieties to 24 inches tall in standard varieties and brightly colored flowers. Daffodils often produce several stems per a bulb. The long, narrow leaves are slightly greyish in colour and rise from the base of the stem. Some stems produce one flower; others produce clusters.

A short guide: how to take care of freshly grown plants

First of all, you need to plant all the seeds together, in a special designed place filled with soil rich in nutritious substances. This will help the plant grow faster and healthier. After the first leaves of your plant have seen the sunlight, you can gently remove it and plant it to wherever you want in your beautiful garden. In what watering is concerned, you should do it twice a week, and don`t get greedy with the water. That is about everything you need to know about planting.

Matching flowers

It is a well-known fact that black and white go with everything and flowers are no exception from this rule. There are, however, some colors and species of flowers which will make a difference. For example, a composition of glory lily with parrot tulips or peonies with paper daisies will definitely be the highlight of your garden and will draw the attention and admiration of your guests.

For more ideas, do not hesitate to visit our flower shop at and  check other articles on our blog. Here you will get all the help and resources for a stunning Australian spring garden.

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