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  • Silver Small Cutout Heart Pendant

    Silver Small Cutout Heart Pendant

    The silver small cutout heart pendant is a smaller version to the previous cutout heart model for those of you who would much rather wear discreet jewels. It is smaller, but not less valuable. Of course, the design is the same, with geometric symmetrical patterns and see-through cut in silver.
    It can perfectly go as any type of gift, even for small young ladies. Why not let them have a mini-version of their mother’s pendant, for instance? I bet they are going to love it both and you’ll be able to breathe easy this year.

    Use only with a chain of maximum 4 mm width, not included.

    Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.7 x 0.1 cm.

    $9.00 BUY NOW
  • Silver Large Cutout Heart Pendant

    Silver Large Cutout Heart Pendant

    ‘Less is more’, so if your choice of jewelry does not suit a precious stone or you are a fan of silver, this pendant might be exactly what you are looking for. Simple, yet elegant, the geometric-shaped heart filling is see-through and completes any outfit from day to night without showing off.
    The heart usually symbolizes perfect and pure love, without grief and pain, and it can also be a sign of friendship so don’t be afraid to choose a heart pendant next time you find yourself browsing the pages of our online shop.

    Use only with a chain of maximum 5 mm width, not included.

    Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.7 x 0.1 cm.

    $19.00 BUY NOW
  • Red Coral Heart Pendant

    Red Coral Heart Pendant

    Share your heart with the one you love. This lovely read coral heart pendant with a silver hook and contour makes a great Valentine’s Day Gift but can also be used for other types of gifts. The red coral stone is light; it originates from the skeleton of coral colonies found under the tropical seas.
    Back in the ages, coral was used as a talisman against fire spells and Romans considered it a protector for children and even against snake bites. It was also highly appreciated by early Egyptians and Celtic tribes. Nowadays, red coral is the symbol stone of Morocco. From among all coral types, it is the one that stimulates love, so don’t be afraid to use it.

    Use only with a chain of maximum 5 mm width, not included.

    Dimensions: 3.6x3.1x0.5 cm.

    $22.90 BUY NOW
  • Shell Melted Heart Pendant

    Shell Melted Heart Pendant

    Beautiful and simple necklace pendant, shaped as a double overlapping heart that can be offered to the Queen of your heart as a sign of faithfulness on Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. You could show the one you love that you two complete each other.
    It has a silver hook and a stylish delicate aspect due to the fine shell it is made of. The pendant has shell-inspired style that gives it a beach and summer influence but it can gracefully be worn any season and on any occasion. More suitable for a casual or romantic day look.

    Use only with a chain of maximum 4 mm width, not included.

    Dimensions 6.3x3.6x0.4 cm.

    $23.90 BUY NOW
  • Smokey Stud Silver Earrings

    Smokey Stud Silver Earrings

    Need some cute earrings to complete the simple necklace you decided to wear this time or is your lady not really fond of giant and embellished jewelry? This pair of earrings never disappoints. Small, yet not invisible, the Smokey stud earring will surely make an impression. Best feature yet? The neutral shade of the heart-shaped stone will boost this pair to the top of your favorite jewels that you can mix and match anytime you like.
    Do we need to say more? They are light, classical and graceful, perfect for any occasion.

    Dimensions: 2 x 1.5 x 0.6/1 cm.

    $24.90 BUY NOW
  • Silver Charms Heart Bracelet

    Silver Charms Heart Bracelet

    As the name says, this is a silver heart charm bracelet, that can also be worn as an anklet, depending on personal preferences. Charm bracelets are famous throughout history due to their symbolic meaning. They served as tokens, bringing love and happiness to the one wearing it. They are considered lucky, to say the very least. If you intend to keep up with historical traditions, you need to know that charm bracelets were given to women two times in their life. They were given once to young women when they reached adolescence and, the second time, upon marriage.
    Perfect as a gift for any type of woman. If she prefers more subtle jewels, she can wear it as a bracelet, or she could be a seductress that dares to wear it on the ankle.

    Silver Charms Heart Bracelet / Anklet. 12 small silver heart charms of 1 cm, total bracelet length: 20 cm.

    $29.00 BUY NOW
  • Amethyst Cutout Silver Heart Pendant

    Amethyst Cutout Silver Heart Pendant

    Get ready for the maxi version of the amethyst cutout silver heart pendant if you want your lady to dress and impress. Is she an Aquarius maybe? Not to say the least, but make her a huge favor and include this to your shopping list. There are enough occasions to make her smile with such a gesture. Not an Aquarius but an amethyst lover? Touché! Surprise her with a velvet box containing one of her future top ten silver pendants. She will feel like a queen and she won’t go unnoticed. Maybe you’ll even be nominated husband of the year!

    Use only with a chain of maximum 5 mm width, not included.

    Dimensions 4.5x2.3x0.7 cm.

    $38.90 BUY NOW
  • Red Heart Small Silver Stud Earrings

    Red Heart Small Silver Stud Earrings

    No need to stick to dull jewels anymore! These small stud earrings bring more diversity to the ordinary stud earrings, with a new and improved heart shaped millefiori design. The pattern comprises of small flowers, red and white, such as a summer field of poppies. The pattern does not make them very eye-catching but more interesting and adds some texture to them. They can be easily worn on any occasion or wrapped up for a small sign of appreciation for a friend or lover. The Murano glass design is
    appropriate for daily wear so don’t be afraid to add them to your jeans and T-shirt as well.

    Dimensions: 0.9 x 0.8 x 0.6 cm.

    $38.90 BUY NOW
  • Heart Cutout Silver Locket Pendant

    Heart Cutout Silver Locket Pendant

    Who says you have enough hearts? This heart shaped cutout silver locket pendant with small hearts, of different shapes and sizes, and cubic zirconia inserts reminds of the famous old traditional heart lockets where people used to insert the photo of the one they loved or a small personal memory of that particular person. It was said that a heart locket created a spiritual bond between the wearer and the loved one so deciding upon this type of gift, you are surely going to make a stand.
    It is a delicate jewellery, easily worn by romantic souls but it is also extremely appropriate for modern outfits.

    Use only with a chain of maximum 4 mm width, not included.

    Dimensions 1.9 x 2.4 x 0.8 cm.

    $48.90 BUY NOW
  • Brown Millefiori Key Heart Pendant

    Brown Millefiori Key Heart Pendant

    As indicated by the name, the romantic key heart pendant is a combination between a key-shaped pendant, millefiori and encrusted cubic zirconia of two colors, placed on two levels. The first row comprises of brown zirconia and the lower stones are white. This is a very special and unique jewellery. The brown millefiori resembles amber, with the same mysterious semi-transparent pattern. The lower part of the key has an engraving of the designer's name, Alan K., and the key teeth seem to create the shape of the letter E. Having that in mind I think there can be enough possibilities to make this a gift for a special someone.

    The "Brown Millefiori Key Heart Pendant" can fit a chain of maximum width of 3 mm. The chain is not included but can be bought as a practical add on to your gift.

    $57.90 BUY NOW
  • Double Cutout Millefiori Silver Heart Pendant

    Double Cutout Millefiori Silver Heart Pendant

    Interesting pendant with double cutout heart. This is a combination of silver jewels and millefiori inspired design. The outside margins have a decorative cutout pattern resembling circular and angular lines that cross each other, a cutout component and the interior of the silver heart with the one of a kind millefiori model of beautifully coloured flowers. The flowers are made from Murano glass that is hand cut from a glass bar making each piece an unique item. This jewel can be worn on any occasion, offered as a gift or purchasing it for your own collection.

    Double Cutout Millefiori Silver Heart Pendant can fit a chain of maximum width of 4 mm. The chain is not included, but can be bought as a practical add on to your gift.

    $59.00 BUY NOW
  • Red Heart Millefiori Stud Earrings

    Red Heart Millefiori Stud Earrings

    This pair of earrings will surely be the star of V-day this time! Men everywhere, beware! A touch of dashing red with millefiori pattern, beautiful flowers inside a red heart and romance is n the air! This is a young and joyful piece of jewelry, suitable for a stylish lady.
    Are you a young and open-minded woman, browsing our pages? Now’s the time to throw the old stud earrings you have and make room for millefiori. Murano glass makes room for creativity to the max.

    Dimensions: 0.9 x 1.4 x 0.8 cm.

    $70.90 BUY NOW
  • Cubic Zirconia Heart Link Silver Bracelet

    Cubic Zirconia Heart Link Silver Bracelet

    A dazzling bracelet with cubic zirconia heart and silver links for an amazing gift like in the movies. No matter the reason, she will feel special and protected, proud to wear the token of your appreciation.
    This type of bracelet is timeless, it will never go out of fashion and it gives a delicate touch to any dress. The small zirconia hearts add precisely the tiny glow this bracelet requires, enough to avoid an over-glowing jewel. If you want to create a complete set, you could combine the bracelet with a tiny heart pendant, decorated with cubic zirconia as well.

    Dimensions 17.5 x 0.6 x 0.3 cm.

    $79.00 BUY NOW
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